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Anilha com vedante para revestimento

A innovate and unique product aimed at the roofing/covering sector.

Roof washers guarantee a water tight proof on all types of vertical or horizontal roofing and coverings.


Assembly is facilitated by the insertion of two parts in only one.

These roof washers are manufactured in web-type format (20 per web) which facilitates the work of the installer.

Available in two diameter sizes.

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Lamparina Horeca

The night-candle Horeca helps create a romantic setting, inside a restaurant, or can be used on esplanades, etc.

A Lamparina “horeca”- Serve para iluminar o espaço mais próximo criando em redor da mesa um ambiente único e acolhedor.


- Company logos, publicity slogans, etc, can be included.

- Unique security characteristics trough the SFP system (Safe Fire Protection)

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Bocal para espirómetro

Disposable mouthpiece for Spiro meter in a aseptic individual package.

Mainly used in the medical for lung capacity tests.


- Individual aseptic package.

- Compatible with most Spiro meters on the market.

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Tampa de Garrafão "2 em 1"

Two-in-one cap for 5 litre wine casks


-Simplification in the bottling process, due to a two-in-one cap

- The ripping-off the lower part of the cap, one is able to initially open the wine cask. The upper part of the cap with a built-in bolt ensures closure of the wine cask during daily usage.

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