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The night-candle Horeca helps creates a romantic setting, inside a restaurant or can be used on a esplanade.

The night-candle Horeca has unique security characteristics trough the incorporation of the SFP (“Safe Fire Protection”). This system ensures the flame burns out immediately the night-candle capsizes without risk of causing a fire or the spillage of liquids.

The night-candle Horeca can be produced in most colours, to include company logos and publicity slogans personalized to satisfy the needs and preferences of the costumer.

The night-candle Horeca is unique and all its components are made from plastic.


Frasco : Polietileno de alta densidade (PE/HD)
Chaminé cónica : Polistireno (P/S)
Combustível : Perafina líquida inodora.

SFP System (safe fire Protection) developed by Moldra.




The figure above shows the capsizing of a night-candle Horeca in three stages and the resulting security SFP system.




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