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New collection of Jerrycan`s for oils

Designed for the collection of waste oil (vegetable / minerals), this new jerrycan is ideal for domiciliary distribution. It`s small size allows for an easy storage within the kitchen cabinets.
The fact that they are stackable, also allows an efficient storage and transport of several jerrycans.

Factors such as security and ergonomics were not forgotten.
This jerrycan has a "child-resistant" security cover to prevent domestic accidents. As well as a removable filter inside the neck to prevent the entry of residue or food remains.
The neck dimensions permites an easy leakage of oil and facilitates  the interior  washing of the jerrycan, when needed.

It has a specific area to put the instructions and another area for insertion of the logo of the collector.

Fully produced in PEHD, allows the storage oil used with maximum security.

Specifications: Fabricated PEHD

Reference 102116133
Capacity 5 L
Dimensions 272x135x185 mm
Diameter of the neck 80mm
Euro pallet 312


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